Welcome to Scribal Thrum

4 10 2008

Welcome to Scribal Thrum – a chronicle of journalism, analysis, and commentary.

My name is David C. Manchester, aka dredeyedick.  My background is a combination of concurrent careers in IT, Journalism, Military Public Affairs, Constitutional Law, Economics, and  Intelligence.  I am not a Lawyer, nor do I work for any legacy media organisation, military unit, school, or intelligence organ.  My income is from IT Contracting.  My main concern here is that the evolving information, political, and economic systems we embrace be fair, humane, effective, and reasonable for individual Human Beings.

If I had to classify myself by any sort of ideology, my best guess would be to say that having started my adult life as a laissez-faire advocate of capitalism, I have passed through various stages of maturity, until today, when I favor an as-yet undeployed, emerging digital peer-to-peer system of social credit which I would call DotCommunism.

From the start of my career as a dissident military journalist at the end of the Vietnam era through my various incarnations as a Journalist and IT Contractor, I have been struck by the disconnect between the rhetoric emitting from our politicians about what sort of individual (and corporate) liberty the United States stands for, versus the reality of our political economy organised around the needs of progressively more and more consolidated corporate control over our governments, laws, financial systems, “news” organisations, and Personal degrees of Freedom.

As a journalist and military dissident, I have found over the years that the unbridled practice of free speech while in the military will follow You for all the years of Your life, if the opinions You voice don’t strictly adhere to the american military’s “party line” of the moment.   I wrote some of that story at Civiblog, an Open Net Initiative site, in December, 2005.

Since then I have been relatively quiescent, not blogging, just dropping links to previous work in related places.  But now I think it’s time to get a little more organised, a little more active.

Scribal Thrum is the result.




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