Warrantless NSA Suveillance Hasn’t Gone Away

13 11 2008

Downloadable Collection at Civiblog.org

Here’s a collection of related documents NSA Gots You! I made shortly after the NY Times broke the story in December 2005 about blanket Warrantless NSA (National Security Agency) domestic (within the US borders) surveillance.

I think the NY Times is reprehensible for sitting on this story since before the 2004 election, waiting 13 months to publish, and then only because the reporters involved had the same story in a book coming out.

This is a comment I left on LawGeek in 2006.

I have been working on translating some of the publicly available PDF’s on this issue into html. They are here – http://thewall.civiblog.org/rsf/house_nsabrief_docs_012006.html

Here are the legal briefs and stuff:

LAWSUITS: Pending Litigation re Warrantless NSA Wiretapping

Here is the EFF’s Class Action Complaint against AT&T.



Here is the ACLU’s Complaint for Declatory and Injunctive Relief against the NSA.


Here is the ACLU’S Pentagon Spying FOIA February 1, 2006, seeking from the Pentagon records from Talon, CIFA, MX of infiltration, intimidation, dirty tricks, and spying on Richard Hersh, The Truth Project, Inc., Patriots for Peace, Ft. Lauderdale Friends, Melbourne Florida Counter Inaugural, Broward Anti-War Coalition, Jeff Nall, Maria Telesca-Whipple, and others.


Here is the ACLU’s October 30, 2003 Issues Briefing THE MATRIX: Total Information Awareness Reloaded – DATA MINING MOVES INTO THE STATES with addendum, Shane Harris’ February 23, 2006 National Journal report, TIA Lives On.


I put a lot of work into these…the ACLU Complaint has lots of internal navigation. You can go directly to any page from any page (60 pages), or directly to any of the 195 paragraphs of the complaint from the table of contents, a click away from any page.

I hope these, and the other documents on this site are of use to You.






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