Torturing Democracy – See it

17 11 2008

Documentary GOP Insiders Failed to Block Now Online

A compelling video about the Bush – Cheney Administration’s path to their torture policies is now available online.

(Update 1) (Update 2 – above)

Glenn Greenwald at Salon:

Last month, I interviewed Harper‘s Scott Horton regarding a piece he had written on the efforts of several PBS officials, including Jay Rockefeller‘s wife (the CEO of Washington’s PBS affiliate) to block broadcast of the documentary Torturing Democracy, tortureusawhich compellingly documents how virtually all of the torture and other illegalities and abuses of America’s interrogation programs were authorized and ordered at the highest levels of the Bush administration (of which waterboarding is but one small example).

That documentary is now available to be viewed in its entirety online — here — and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

(Note – Jay Rockefeller is the ranking GOP member and Co-Chair of the Senate Intelligence Oversight Committee.)

Ditto for me. Here’s a link to each of the 3 parts:

(Update! – 111708)

And here is an excerpt:

Also, There’s a pretty good timeline at the Torturing Democracy site, as well as all the key documents in the Bush administration’s decisions to stray beyond the boundaries of the Law.




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