HuffPo’s Misleading “Upstage” Headline Generates Thousands of Comments

5 08 2009

Today the Huffington Post broke Trust with hundreds of thousands of Readers with a petty, misleading, slanted and rude headline about the 2 journalists freed by North Korea.

In the face of tens, possibly hundreds of thousands of irate Reader Comments demanding the headline be corrected, it has remained for going on 5 hours now.

I tweeted the following to Arianna Huffington (Please RT):

@ariannahuff Do You think purpose of Bill Clinton’s trip to NKorea was to upstage Hillary? Why? That’s what HP headline says. Why?

No reply so far.

I contacted a couple of organisations concerned with accurate reporting.  For what it’s worth, here is what I wrote:

To Whom It May Concern,

You might want to cover this.

August 5 the Huffington Post carried a story about Bill Clinton going to Korea to get 2 US based journalists released from prison.  The HuffPo’s front page carried the headline (Red and very Big):


This misleading, petty, small minded headline generated thousands upon thousands of irate comments from readers demanding it be corrected to highlight the real story – the release of the journalists.

I am going on strike wrt linking to HuffPo.  I will not link to it for as many months as hours the misleading headline remains on the front page. Right now it’s about 4 months and counting.

Here are the comments I made on their site, fwiw:

Bill Clinton, the Comeback Cat

It’s a shame that this site chose to write a misleading headline about Bill upstaging Hillary, because that’s not the story. There are now actually 2 stories.

1 Two US based journalists freed

2 HuffPo keeps misleading headline up despite tens of thousands of irate comments. -dcm

posted Aug 05, 2009 at 13:31:48

Freed journalists home in US after NKorea pardon

Daily Beast is okay, but I find both the headlines and the reporting at RawStory better. Much of the reporting is original, and not just reprinting the AP wire. At least the headlines have some relation to the actual events reported. Without an obvious slant. -dcm

posted Aug 05, 2009 at 11:45:09

Freed journalists home in US after NKorea pardon

For the Record: Whoever wrote the headline “Bill Upstages Hillary…” is a Putz.

1. It isn’t the Sec. of State’s job to take the spotlight all the time.

2. This story is not about Bill and Hilly.

3. This story is about getting a totalitarian regime to release 2 journalists.

4. The fact they were going home to a regime that has fallen victim to a totalitarianistic vision of executive authoritarianism with specific corporate sponsorship is beside the point as well. fwiw, , -dcm

posted Aug 05, 2009 at 11:16:34

Best Regards,

David C. Manchester

Enjoy these links, HP.  They are the last You’ll get from me for a while.




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